How to Serve Your Local Customers Globally with On-Lina Mobile Ordering App

Are you tired of losing customers to long queues and inefficient order handling? Do you want to serve your local customers better and reach new ones across the globe? If so, you need On-Lina’s mobile ordering app. On-Lina’s app is a revolutionary platform that allows customers to order food from restaurants without waiting in line. With On-Lina’s app, you can thrive locally while attracting global attention, no matter where your restaurant is.

The Benefits of On-Lina’s Mobile Ordering App for Restaurants

On-Lina’s mobile ordering app offers a number of benefits for your restaurant and your customers, such as:

  • Beat local queues: Let customers browse, order, and pay directly from their phones in their preferred language. Happy locals, stress-free staff, happy you!
  • Boost efficiency: Simplify order taking, reduce errors, and serve more local customers seamlessly, even during peak hours. More orders, less chaos!
  • Reach new local foodies: Attract new local customers with easy online ordering and promote your menu on local social media. More hungry fans, more sales!
  • Flexible payments: Accept payments through popular local options for a smooth experience. No cash hassles, happy customers!
  • Effortless setup: It’s intuitive and multilingual, perfect for any tech level. Simply create your digital menu with tempting photos and descriptions in your local language.

How to Set Up Your Multilingual Digital Menu

Setting up your multilingual digital menu with On-Lina’s app is easy and fast. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Download the app and create your profile
  • Choose your preferred languages and currencies
  • Add your menu items, prices, and photos
  • Translate your menu into different languages with On-Lina’s built-in translator
  • Preview and publish your menu

That’s it! Your multilingual digital menu is ready to be shared with the world.

How to Promote Your Restaurant Locally with On-Lina’s App

Once you have your multilingual digital menu, you can promote your restaurant locally with On-Lina’s app. Here are some tips to help you reach more customers:

  • Share your menu link on your website, social media, and online platforms. Let your customers know that they can order from your restaurant without waiting in line, and in their preferred language.
  • Use catchy and relevant hashtags that relate to your topic, industry, and audience. For example, #mobileordering, #restauranttips, #onlinaapp, etc. You can also tag or mention On-Lina’s app to increase your exposure and credibility.
  • Use high-quality visuals that showcase your restaurant’s dishes, ambiance, or customer reviews. You can also use short videos or stories to show how easy and convenient it is to order from your restaurant with On-Lina’s app.
  • Offer a limited-time promotion or incentive to encourage customers to order from your restaurant with On-Lina’s app. For example, you can offer a coupon code for a 5% discount or more, or a loyalty reward for ordering with On-Lina’s app. You can also create a sense of urgency by adding a countdown timer or a limited availability notice.

By following these tips, you can promote your restaurant locally and attract more customers with On-Lina’s app.

How Other Restaurants Worldwide Have Benefited from Using On-Lina’s App

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from satisfied restaurants who have tried On-Lina’s app and loved it:

  • “[On-Lina] has been a game-changer! Orders are up 25% and customers love the convenience, especially the multilingual options.” - John, Pizzeria Italia (Rome)
  • “[It’s] helped me reach new customers in my neighborhood! On-Lina makes online ordering a breeze and caters to diverse preferences.” - Maria, Curry Spice (Mumbai)
  • “[We love] the flexibility to accept local payments and showcase our menu in our city’s language. On-Lina boosted our revenue by 15%!” - Chen, Shanghai Dumplings (Shanghai)


Don’t let queues kill your bottom line. With On-Lina’s mobile ordering app, you can serve your local customers better and reach new ones across the globe. Try it today and experience the difference for yourself.

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